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The Warrior Midwife Trilogy by E.P. Bali

The Warrior Midwife Trilogy by E.P. Bali

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| BOOK GENRE | Fantasy Romance


The Warrior Midwife Book #1

"The fae are no joke, girl. Be wise. Be smart. Be cunning if you can…"


What are you supposed to do when your father reveals that he made a binding agreement to marry you off to the Dark Fae Prince across the mountains?
He’d done it to save our kingdom, that was fair.
But what was 
not fair was that I have to leave everything I ever knew to marry a monster. Under the cover of night I escape the palace to use my secret magic and be a midwife to the city’s women, and now I just have to leave them all behind.

The fae prince is an arrogant jerk and a dirty fighter.
The commander of their elite forces is a terrifying enigma.
And when they arrive to take me away, what happens next is nothing I could have ever dreamed of.

I end up at the fae warrior academy for their males, disguised as a male and have to share a dorm room with my fae fiancé. There are big powers at play here and I'm the only person with the power to make a difference.

Could things get any worse?

The answer is yes.


The Warrior Priestess Book #2

Concubine. Wife. Priestess.

Captured by a demon king, Drake, with his memories returned and Saraya, must now come to terms with a surprising truth:
That Drake is not only Saraya's true mate, but is also the son of a monstrous deity who bound his powers at the age of thirteen. But now the demon king wants Drake's true powers to be unbound for his own nefarious purposes.
Forced to marry one another, Drake and Saraya must now gain the trust of the Court of the Demon King in order to escape.
But there are even bigger forces at play here.
Will Saraya give into her desire to be Drake's fated mate? Or will she do the unthinkable?

Join Saraya and Drake the seductive adventure in Book 2 of the Warrior Midwife Trilogy

Please note that due to the mature themes in this novel, it is best suited to audiences aged 18 and over.


The Warrior Queen Book #3

Chosen. Liberator. Queen

Reeling after the battle of Black Court, Saraya must come to terms with the decision she has made.
But the Green Reaper is still out there and with all his cunning, will stop at nothing to destroy everything she holds dear. All Saraya has is her mother’s frantic instructions and her own sheer strength of will.
She must win Lobrathia back at all costs or the entire human realm will fall. .
But at what cost?

Join Saraya and Drake on their epic romantic adventure in the final instalment of The Warrior Midwife Trilogy.

Please note that due to mature themes, this novel is best suited to readers ages 18 and over.

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